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We currently only sell our products direct to you the consumer, this is how we are able to offer such luxurious frargances and products at such amazing value for money.

Please email for more information.

Absolutely! We sell a Discovery set which contains 7 x 1.5ml from Collection No.1 and it comes in a beautiful small gift box. The Discovery set is £15 however it comes with a £15 voucher to redeem of your order! (Can not be redeemed off another Discovery set).

Yes! We spent a long time ensuring that each all our ingredients, were ethically sourced, cruelty-free and free of any harmful toxins, such as parabens or phthalates. 

Not all our fragrances from Collection No.1 are vegan however they are all vegetarian and completely cruelty-free. The reason we can’t classify them as vegan is because some of the fragrances contain beeswax (which is ethically sourced and completely cruelty-free) however by having it in the ingredients it means you are no longer classed as Vegan friendly. 

If we took out these ingredients we would need to replace them with synthetic substitutes, some of which contain the harmful toxins that we have worked hard to ensure are excluded from our ingredients.

All our fragrances come in 10ml glass bottles, which fit perfectly inside our Iconic Vial. To refill the vial simply remove the cap and screw off the neck. Pop in the refill and screw the neck back on, and voila! You’re good to go. 

Right now there are 7 beautiful fragrances to choose from which together are part of our Collection No.1 However we are constantly creating new fragrances and the next collection will be out very soon!

Yes! And save money doing so as well! We offer a monthly and bi-monthly membership where you can choose with refill pack (containing 2x10ml) is sent you to you monthly or bi-monthly for only £20! Please note a minimum of 6 orders is required before you can cancel your subscription after which point you can cancel at any time!

We gift wrap every Collection Set and Starter set completely FREE of charge! 

We currently plant a tree for every Collection Set and Starter Set sold and we plant these mainly in SE Asia, we do this in collaboration with ONE TREE PLANTED. A charity organisation that plants trees around the world.

Standard delivery is 2-5 working days, however we do offer next delivery. Please check our Delivery Information page for more details.

Right now our Iconic vials are available in Rose Gold and Black, we also have new colours coming later this year!

Once you have collected 10 empty fragrances bottles, you can post them back to us in exchange for a FREE fragrance refill box of your choice (contains 2 x10ml). We ask that you carefully post the bottles back and wrap them in some old newspaper or the collection set box to ensure they are not damaged.

We clean, sanitise and reuse them all! We operate a closed loop reuse system to ensure maximum sustainability. The bottles are generally refilled up to 5 times before we then recycle them.

All our perfumes are Eau de parfum and contain 20-25% fragrance oil, so they will typically last between 8-16 hours on your skin.

We ethically and source all of our ingredients from sustainable farms across the world.