Potion Paris: the sustainable fragrance brand with scents to die for

Potion Paris is a breath of fresh air when it comes to perfumes. In a world of fragrances jam-packed with toxins and harmful synthetic ingredients, Potion Paris offers scents made of ethically sourced, natural products.

From Peony and Nutmeg, to Jasmine and Patchouli, the handcrafted scents are mesmerising and powerful. Although crafted from naturally derived ingredients, Potion Paris perfumes don’t sacrifice longevity or quality. In fact, one reviewer wrote, “They last longer than my YSL, Gucci and other more expensive ones”.

All fragrances come in small and convenient 10ml refills, that fit inside its luxuriously opulent and suitably named ‘Iconic Vials’, shaped like diamonds.

Its mantra of “return, refill, repeat” encourages consumers to return refills so that they can be cleaned, sanitised, and reused, to reduce waste and earthly impact. Even better, once you send back 10 refills, Potion Paris will reward you with two 10ml vials completely free of charge. Save the planet and get free perfume? It’s a yasss from us.

You can start your Potion Paris journey with the fab 70ml collection set, containing all seven of Potion Paris's fragrances in 10ml refills, as well as the Iconic Vial available in Black or Rose Gold.

After that, you can keep enjoying your favourite scent by ordering refills as and when you please. Easy breezy.


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