Join our ‘Return. Refill. Reward’ revolution

Return 10 of your empty Potion Paris fragrance refills to us (we'd recommend reusing the packaging your Potion Paris favourites arrived in, or packing it with a little newspaper to protect the glass bottles) and we’ll reward your contribution to reducing global waste by giving you a voucher for a FREE refill box of your choice - you just pay for postage.

Once you have 10 empty vials send us an email to with the subject “Return, refill, repeat” along with your full name. We will reply with address where you post your bottles back to.


Over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use.

But don’t worry, we’re here to change that with our ‘Return. Refill. Repeat’ program where you can send your empty fragrance refills back to us, and we’ll clean, sanitise & reuse the bottles.

So how are we making this happen?

We created all our refills in 10ml glass vials. This makes them lighter and easier to transport, as the larger the bottle the thicker the glass must be and therefore the larger the carbon footprint in sending and receiving the bottles. With our refills being made from glass it makes them really easy to wash and reuse this will minimise waste and close the loop on fragrance & beauty packaging.

Recycling VS Reusing

Recycling isn’t always as easy as we think. Dropping an empty bottle in the recycling bin might feel like a swift and simple solution, but it isn’t actually as easy as that. Only 7% of plastic waste currently makes it all the way through to become repurposed. A shocking number, but the reality is that the recycling process is a minefield. We’re consuming too much for a strained system to process.

Preventing our empty essentials from being thrown out altogether is a much better option and switching to refillable beauty products is a huge step towards better sustainability.