Find your signature fragrance with Potion Paris

Find your signature fragrance with Potion Paris

If, like us, you’re always looking for ways to make your beauty and fragrance choices more sustainable you’ll be thrilled to learn of Potion Paris.

The multi award-winning brand pride themselves on their cruelty free, safe and toxin free fragrances. Creating their signature scents from clean and natural ingredients. All of which come in 10ml refills that fit perfectly inside their signature opulent vials.



With a focus on their unique fragrance journey the brand return to the enchanting origins of perfume. Start your journey with the 70ml collection set: containing all seven fragrances in 10ml refills.

Simply insert your Potion Paris refills into the iconic vial and you’re good to go. Each and every fragrance is designed to fit within the labels iconic vials, enabling you to interchange and mix and match them as often as you want.

Choose from rich, musky and floral aromas like peony and nutmeg, vanilla and musk, or jasmine and patchouli. To refine your go-to fragrance.

So, if you’re looking to find your new signature scent for post-lockdown life, Potion Paris is the perfect place to start. Select your favourite fragrances in their convenient 2x 10ml refill packs. No contract, no commitment.

The best bit? For the environmentally conscious of us. Once you’ve finished with your refills collect ten up and return them back to Potion Paris. Who will then clean, sanitise and reuse to reduce our global waste. Rewarding you with a gift card for a pack of two 1o ml refills of your choice.